Life's A Beach    Never Forget It
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If you’re at all like me, you can’t wait for your next vacation, your time away in that special place. For me, that place is the beach, la playa. If I could make one moment and make that moment last for ever, I would head to the beach. The hot white sand between my toes, the warm salty waves washing my ankles, the niños y niñas laughing and playing in the hot sun, and everyone is at peace, loving life.

I have a lot to learn, but I have learnt this, that if we want to find consistent happiness in our lives, we can’t always rely on our trip to la playa. We need to bring la playa to us, to our lives every day. Those moments happen all around us, and if we can only see those moments and grab hold of them, capture them in our memory never to lose them, that is what makes life memorable.

Now, if only we can only find a way to seize those moments, make a hard copy of them so-to-speak, so we never forget them…

Life's a Beach   Never forget it